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Excursions are a major part of the Social Sciences Curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to participate in faculty organised excursions from Years 7-12.  Students may participate in excursions to the Iluka rainforest, Shannon Creek Dam, Clarence River estuary, Angourie and Red Cliff coastal dunes and Central Australia. In Commerce, Business Studies and Legal Studies excursions are organised to venues such as the Maclean Court House, Maclean businesses in River Street and other businesses outside the Clarence Valley.

As part of mandatory field work hours students must complete, some excursions are compulsory, particularly if a student chooses to study Geography in Years 11 and 12.

 Excursion Information:

  • All excursions organised through the faculty are applicable to the curriculum.
  • All excursions require parental permission and medical details.
  • Excursion notes, as well as excursion money, must be handed to the Front Office at least two days before the excursion date.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the organising teacher will make a decision as to whether the excursion will still go ahead. Excursions can be postponed on the morning of the activity. To check for cancellations, students are advised to visit the school website or tune into 2GF. In the event of rain and the cancellation of an excursion, students must attend school as normal on their regular timetables. If an excursion is cancelled, students are able to obtain a refund from the Front Office.

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