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Learning Support

Students at Maclean High can access a variety of Support options, depending on their needs.

Children with special learning needs refers to children with learning difficulties, a behaviour disorder and/or a disability. These children have diverse abilities and learning needs.

The term disability includes children with an intellectual disability, physical disability, vision impairment, hearing impairment, language disorder, mental health conditions or autism.

Children with learning difficulties experience difficulties with learning in one or more areas of the curriculum. These difficulties may vary in cause, nature, intensity and duration.

Personalised learning and support is a process that supports a wide range of students with additional learning and support needs.

Personalised learning and support is underpinned by evidence of four key elements or areas of activity:

  • The assessed individual education needs of the student
  • The provision of adjustments or support to meet the students' assessed needs
  • Monitoring and review of the impact of the adjustment or support being provided for the student
  • Consultation and collaboration – of teachers with parents, support staff and other professionals where required.

Specialist support classes cater for students with moderate to high learning and support needs including students with:

  • intellectual disability
  • mental health disorder
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • physical disability
  • sensory impairment
  • behaviour disorders.

For students enrolled in specialist classes in regular schools, there is the flexibility for them to undertake some of their learning in other regular classes in the same school. This is largely dependent upon the resources available and the personalised learning and support needs of the students.

Our students

Pictured are some of our support students enjoying school activities such as learning about vikings in history, participating in the annual cross country and swimming carnival, and displaying beautiful work in Timber Tech.